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Postby ladykuroda » February 7th, 2008 9:40 pm

Javizy- またありがとうございます。
I knew that it was やさしい, and I'd even looked it up to confirm it before I used it, too! I saw your reply this あさ, and I thought, "D'ouf! I knew that!!" I'm currently stumped as to why I misspelled/typed it. :( Back to the い-adjective lesson for me. (I'm currently working with the Newbie lessons.) Thanks for the advance tip about putting things in the past! :) That will be really helpful. Also, the あなた tip was very helpful! I will keep that in mind!

Ah, yes... intransitive versus transitive verbs were hard for me to master, especially in upper-level French courses. Actually, I'm not sure that I ever really got the hang of them... or maybe I've used it so much that it's just natural in French. :roll: So, I'll try to leave that be for now... until I get there in Japanese.

Also, thank you for the alternatives for thanking someone for their kindness. I appreciate it. :)

And the Kana are helpful in breaking things up- it's great in the lesson PDFs that there are both so we can see them.

kc8ufv- あなたのアドバイスをありがとう!hopefully, sticking to "enter" will be easier than spacebar... but it'll be a tough habit to break!

みんあさん、がんばります!I will try another simple Japanese post after I've studied a bit more. :)
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