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Help with something I'm doing for work.

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Help with something I'm doing for work.

Postby NyuuZiiMichael » November 21st, 2007 12:17 am

Hello all! Long time listener first time poster.

I've studied Japanese for a few years and studied at Waseda Daigaku for a year so my Japanese is pretty good, but not fantastic. I still run into some problems. That said, I've started a new job that I really enjoy and the other day my boss asked me if I could try and translate some documentation from English into Japanese. I said I'd give it a go. I think I've done okay on some of it but I've hit a couple of hurdles. Mainly I've got 2 questions but I'll include my text below if anyone wants to have a look and play around with polishing it up. It would be really helpful to get some advice on making my written Japanese more polite/natural.

Anyways here are my main two questions that I've run into while doing the translation.

"details" I realize now that the word "details" has a lot of different meanings in English. Your details (i.e. phone number & address) or the details of an item (size, location) or details as in the delicate work on a sculpture or work of art. In my case I want to know if there's a good word for "real estate agent details" (the contact details for a real estate agent) and "job details" (in this case the name, location and properties for a advertisement being designed). Any suggestions?

I'm looking for what to call a list of properties for a real estate agency. Would it be 不動産表? And would that be pronounced fudousanhyou or fudousanbyou? Maybe another word would be better.

Well, those are my two main question. I've gone ahead and included the translation below if anyone wants to read through it and make some corrections. I realize that it's not the funnest assignment.

Oh! One last thing! What's the proper word for "Marketing Department" I thought MarketingBu but I may be wrong. Hehe, thanks! :oops:

I'm worried about my overall tense in this because it's used for customers and it should be polite. I wasn't sure if "dekiru" form would be the best way of describing what a customer is capable of doing with the product. Also I should probably keigo it up a little.

Here it is, you can view the original flash movie at

Smartpage is used to build advertising from templates approved by your marketing team.

You will use Smartpage to

Create a flier, postcard or business card
• いろいろなサイズの広告(こうこく)を作れます。A4、はがき、名詞。
Add text and load images
• テキストと写真を入れられます。
Create an instant online proof
• 急に校正(こうせい)すりを作れます。
Submit your ad to a publication
• 印刷業に出せます。
Or receive a high resolution PDF of your ad
• 高解像(たかかいぞう)をもらえます。

The templates available are A4 Flier, Postcard, or Business Card

1. Property Listings - You can pre-load listings and images
1.不動産表 - ここでテキストと写真をアップロードできます。
2. Agents - Enter Agents details and photos
2.不動産屋さん - 不動産屋さんの写真と電話番号を入れられます。
Create From Listing - Create jobs from a previously loaded listing
3.表からアド - 不動産表からアドを作れます。
Create Quick Launch - Create quick jobs
4.クイックランチ - 急にアドを作れます。
Manage Advertising - Submit your job
5.アドを出す - 印刷業に出せます

Quick Launch Buttons
Online Training - Access Online Training and Help

Use Quick Launch to immediately start creating an ad from a template.

Load images and text into your template

Create an instant PDF proof

A medium resolution PDF Proof can be saved or printed here

Preview both pages at once

Navigate through screens when you are satisfied with your edits

Enter job details

1. Choose from a range of destinations. 2. Email Delivery will send you a high resolution PDF of your job

1. Review your job if required before sending to print. Send your job to the destination.

With Smartpage you can create and send your advertising within minutes

You will be able to
•Store images and data
•Track advertising - view all submitted jobs
•Repeat advertising - create once, use again
Proof instantly

Smartpage also supports different languages within the templates.

Thanks for viewing this short demonstration of Smartpage.
Full training material can be viewed online at

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Postby dmr214 » November 21st, 2007 2:57 am

Hey NyuuZiiMichael,
I'm going to try to answer some of your questions. I can't help you out with everything as I don't know everything but I'll give it a go.

As to your first question:
If you want to get someones contact information you should use the word 連絡先(れんらくさき) For example: 連絡先いただけますか? Can you give me your contact information. I don't believe that Japanese people use the word "details" like we do in the states. If you want info you should ask for the information of what you are asking for. For example in Real Estate you might say something like  メールでアパートのインフォ送てください。 (please send me the apartment information by email). As for "Real Estate Agent details", you might consider asking for the company information such as address etc.. Maybe even a copy of meishi will help you more.

Question#2. I didn't know they had a name for the listings of properties that are for / rent sale. I can see what you mean by the word you wrote but I'm not sure they use that. Try it out you might get lucky...You might be better off actually asking for what's currently on the market as it would make it more clear what you are searching for.

Question#3 Marketing Department would be KA. BU is group.

As for tense you should be very concerned. Since it's a formal document for work you should always always always use humble form when speaking about your own company and use respectful when speaking about another company. If this is truly important my suggestion would be to have a professional look at your translation.

I can't go through everything you wrote but you should know that when you start talking about technical computer terms there are specific phrases you should be using. You should check your computer lingo.


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Postby NyuuZiiMichael » November 21st, 2007 3:09 am

Thanks for the info. This is definitely in the early stages of things and mostly will be used so that I can pass it on to a native Japanese friend of mine who speaks decent English. Mostly I don't want to look like a complete fool when I hand it over to him. :lol:
I spent some time today reviewing my keigo so that I can see what the best place to use the forms will be. Looks like maybe I should send it over to my friend and have him help me out. I'll keep posting updates as things progress so people can see what changes were made and also the final format.


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