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Album Tag

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Album Tag

Postby MintyFresh » April 25th, 2006 9:22 pm

I would like to suggest that the Album Tag be changed from JapanesePod101 for all podcasts to JP101 News, JP101 Beginner, JP101 JCC etc. This believe this simple change in taxonomy would greatly improve the abiltiy of listeners to organize the shows.


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Good Idea

Postby MikeCassidy » April 27th, 2006 1:16 pm

I've been doing that myself as:


I dont save the news; saves on disc space on my ipod.

It would be nice if JapanesePod did it.

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Eran Team Member
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Postby Eran » April 27th, 2006 2:47 pm


Glad to see you guys posting on our forum. Several weeks ago we re-did all of our ID3 tags for all of our mp3 files. Part of the change was the album tag, which now lists one of the following:

Beginner Lesoon
Intermediate Lesson
Japanese Culture Class
Survival Phrases

We also modified the Track tag to list the show # for the particular album. So, for example, Beginner Lesson #41 would have:

Album: Beginner Lesson
Track: 41

Are you guys not seeing these changes? Is it possible that you are looking at podcasts that were downloaded before the change?

Please keep your excellent suggestions coming and let usk now if you are not seeing the tags correctly for new podcasts.


- Eran

New in Town
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Joined: April 25th, 2006 2:44 am

Postby MintyFresh » May 5th, 2006 2:11 am

The Album tag fromBeginner Lesson #66 - Double Booked shows up as " (Podcasts and Videocasts)" for me.


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