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Desperate need of help

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Desperate need of help

Postby nekoatsumelover » February 24th, 2016 4:11 am

Hello everyone, I'm a new member and I am enrolled in an intermediate level japanese class. And I am having difficulties espressing my sentences in this paper.

For example, for this paper I decided to write about my favourite game which happens to be last of us.

For this sentence I wanted to express more scenes in the game being hard to bear and of course it was all wrong.

And I wanted to express that there are scenes showcasing cannibalism, corruption, fighting for yourself, saving the world or yourself, and genoicdes.
例えばテーマは人食いとか、だらくとか、彼自身の問うためにを戦うとか、世界のために対して自分のとどくにぎもんをする, そしてだいぎゃくさつとかがあります。プレイヤーがひとせいにたとびます。

I really don't know what I am doing wrong...

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Re: Desperate need of help

Postby community.japanese » March 13th, 2016 6:19 am

nekoatsumelover さん、
Sorry for the late reply!!

One of the common problems for intermediate-level (or even lower intermediate level) learners is
that longer and complicated sentences confuse yourselves.
Please remember that whenever you get confused or not sure about the grammar, the best thing
to do is to go back to the basics. After all, the complicated long sentences are made of simple chunks.

> ほかのシーンはやっぱり耐えられません。このゲームは多いシーンが耐えられませんが。
I'm sorry, but I'm not too sure about the first sentence. Why is it ほかの(シーン) not このシーン?
Still, this first sentence is grammatically correct.
The second sentence has to be:

> 例えばテーマは人食いとか、だらくとか、彼自身の問うためにを戦うとか、世界のために対して自分のとどくにぎもんをする, そしてだいぎゃくさつとかがあります。プレイヤーがひとせいにたとびます。
As to these sentences, I'm sorry, but I couldn't really understand some expressions.
I'd just give you some correction on grammar as much as I can.
彼自身の問うためにを戦う ⇒ 自分自身のために戦う (= to fight for oneself).
世界のために対して自分のとどくにぎもんをする ⇒ 世界や自分に疑問を抱く (= to doubt/wonder the world or oneself).

Please feel free to ask us what exactly you want to say with English translation of that.

Natsuko (奈津子),
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