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Japanese in everyday applications

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Japanese in everyday applications

Postby Skeltek » June 9th, 2009 4:24 am

Greetings everyone,
I know I wanted to write this now for quiet several weeks, but because of my work never had the chance and time to do so. You all know how many people start out with the basics, like counting, communicating most basic informations, getting used to pronounciation and the feel of the language,
and even those most basic everyday communication feels like a pain learning, since you lack any everydayactivity that would allow you to repeat what you have learned making the basics basic and enabling you to focus on more specialized topic vocabulary.

Since I will probably never get to Japan and also lack the financial backup to make a vacation there, the only contact I have with foreigners are seldom encounters with tourists, asking for directions. I still know my first experience with an american when
I already had many years of english at school. It´s a state of shock and I was even unable to give him directions to a restaurant, that was located just in the parrallel street.

It happened a while ago: After years of ignorance and satisfaction with my sturdy 8 year old mobile phone, it broke and I was left with the only option of buying one of those new fragile all-purpose hightech handle-with-care phones that could do almost everything from mobile navigation to calculating muscular tissue growth.

The only thing my new mobile couldnt do was:
It had no built-in Shaver (I was a bit dissatisfied, but I guess it kept the costs low)
and the mobile navigation lacked a japanese voice guidance.
There are all kinds of common voices for Nokia maps. They got english, english(US), russian, german, french, various kinds of african languages and dialects, probably even Inuit and various others, but they had NO JAPANESE VOICE GUIDANCE!
Give me a break, several african dialects but it lacks the language of the country that for me almost equals a synonym for technology and mobile phone usage.

So I wanted to ask, if anyone knew any site, where you could download japanese voices for my Nokia Maps 2.1 application.
Since I drive car a lot at my current parttime job, it would be a great feature if I could at least have it guide me to the locations I have to drive to, getting used to counting higher numbers and maybe prepare me a bit to giving directions to tourists like turn left the next street or walk staight for a km.

I was born with 2 native languages(mother/father), learned german since we live here, 2 1/2 foreign languages at school and am now trying to learn russian and japanese in my free time, since I think they are the most beautiful sounding languages I have encountered so far.
The easiest thing to memorize a language is through everyday usage, and so my suggestion would be: Why not make a Nokia Maps voice package for japanese if there isnt anyone already in existance?

kind regards, Skeltek

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Postby Jessi » June 9th, 2009 9:33 am

Hi Skeltek
I'm afraid I don't know anything about Nokia Maps, but I found a Nokia Support forum here where someone might know the answer to your question :D
I did find a good lesson in our archives for giving directions if you're interested:
You might find it useful :D
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