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Playing Catch up

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Playing Catch up

Postby Dragona » July 30th, 2008 7:47 pm

Hi guys, fairly new subsrciber, ive been on the free feeds before and ot to like march time episodes, after a reformat of the PC i ofcourse tried to re-download at the time but could only get 10.. so i was stuck after itunes removed my entire library from my ipod.

Anyways im back and im subscribing now and just wanted to know how some of you uys have got by with catching up to the daily releases. im on the premium feed and there seems to be alot of content floating around for each episode. unfortunately i lack a tree to print some of this stuff out ^_^

I really jsut want to know how you guys have been studying, do you >>highly recommend<< printing out the PDF's or do you just use the PDF's and jot notes down, have you guys been listening to individual episode types(Introduction 1, Beginner Season 1, etc) or have you listened to them by release date as you would have listened normally?

I want to try and use as much of the content as possible, but also try and catch up at a decent pace and im really looking for ideas from other people who have started the catch-up or have caught up. Would also like to see the order of episode types you followed (i noticed the lessons menu suggested Newbie Season 2 before Newbie Season 1 because of the way they are structured)

If you are a true newbie, we recommend starting with Newbie Season 2 “Nihongo Dojo” supplemented by Beginner Season 1 for the fastest and most fun way to get started with Japanese! The Nihongo Dojo is a very structured curriculum and Beginner Season 1 takes a more casual approach based on repetition.

Also about the ipod notes is there not a seasonal download available for each? so you can jsut grab a seasons worth of notes the amount of time getting notes alone onto my ipod is goin to be pretty huge lesson-by-lesson

Lots of questions X_X i hope you can take time to answer some of them!
Thanks in advance and i look forward to a reply!

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