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AIBO!!! Questionaire!!

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AIBO!!! Questionaire!!

Postby Yizzo » July 31st, 2007 5:31 am

My last post was about an aibo informative podcast, but since that hasn't come about yet, I'd like to open a questionaire for the public!!
So, if you could answer the following questions, and then comments and discussions underneath, i think that this could become very interesting.
For those of you who don't know what an aibo is;
Ok, here are some discussion points(1 and 2 is like a demographics thing)
1. Your age
2. Location (Japan, America etc)
3. have you heard of aibo before this forum?
4.have you ever owned an aibo?
5. would you ever consider buying one (considering that they are ~$2000USD each)?
6.How would you compare them to "real dogs"?
e.g. -maintanance (feeding, walking, vets etc)
- friendship developement
7. do you think that children should keep aibos as pets when you think about
-how they might not learn about life and death/responsibility
-less danger of biting etc

let's see how this goes:) ...
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