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Looking for intermediate/advanced Skype group or study partners!

Posted: June 9th, 2015 8:53 pm
by mimimintan_506273
In preparation for school (hopefully next April), I want to spend as much time learning and practicing as possible within the next year.

Currently I'm at the intermediate level, but I want to get comfortable speaking fluidly (ESPECIALLY vocally; I'm so rusty and I'm always stumbling over my words). I mainly want higher-level speakers, so there's more time spent practicing and less time spent teaching each other the details of the language. (To everyone else, 頑張ってください!) If there are any Skype groups available, or if there is enough interest to start one, please let me know!

My Skype can be found with the same e-mail as my username. For some reason if you try to search my Skype ID, you get billions of results and it's just easier to search the e-mail!