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Interesting lecture on language learning

Posted: March 5th, 2009 10:34 pm
by Belton
I found an interesting lecture from the Open University.
mainly about how language learning is represented in the unprofessional / public mind, and experiences of language learning. including some thoughts on language learning and the Internet.

The lecture proper starts around 5:00 and there are a some Japanese references around 17:20 using examples from a book I didn't particularly like and a film I positively hated.
(Although it was interesting to listen to it again without pictures. )
at 45:00 sounds like the blurb from ChinesePod. Unfortunately due to time constraints she skipped over this part of her lecture as I think she misses the point of language courses on the web coming from a traditional background (although OU is all about distance learning though for formal qualifications and at large expense).

Also unfortunately as it's a standard imparting-of-ideas-lecture there is no chance to comment on it, OU missing some of the potential of the Internet I think...

PS the Cory Doctorow lecture is even more interesting.