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Kanji Furigana transcription

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Kanji Furigana transcription

Postby kalasnikhov » February 22nd, 2015 10:10 am

I am new here and I have noticed that there is no furigana in the line by line audio transcription of the audios and video lessons. I would understand it if there is not furigana for most simple kanjis, but it is insane that you don´t have furigana for the most advanced kanjis (which you don´t have to know). So if you want to follow the dialog by the text transcription, you'll need to master the kanjis at a very high level. I know about 250 kanjis, but at the intermediate level it is impossible for me to read the audio transcription. I know that the vocabulary is avaiable, but if you learn all the kanjis necessary for follow the transcription dialog, you will spend a huge amont of time learning kanjis. I bealive that the kanji learning process would have to be balanced.
So I propose to introduce furigana for the kanjis that you are not suppose to know at certain level, and mantain the rest without furigana. The noken exams could be used to decide which kanjis you are supposed to be know at the different levels.
Even this could be implemented as a new feature, and keep the actual version without furigana at all.
P.S Sorry for my grammar, I am not english native speaker.

New in Town
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Re: Kanji Furigana transcription

Postby kalasnikhov » February 26th, 2015 9:04 am

Thank you for your answer.
However, I don't find the furigana in the pdfs transcription of the lessons, there is a romanization and hiragana translation, which is not the best option, let me explain myself. The furigana is different from the romaji or kana transcription, the furigana system is the hiragana trasncription in the upper side of the kanjis, it allows you to read the kanji, and at the same time, still looking at the kanji iself. With the actual system, when I am reading the transcription and I don't know one particular kanji, I have to break up my reading and look for the romaji or the hiragana transcription in other part of the document or section. Also, If there are a word composed for two or more kanjis, the romaji or kana transcription doesn't make clear what part of the trasnsption correspond in the word with the kanjis individually. Therefore it is a little bit annoying. The furigana solution, is in my opinion, the optimal solution.

Again, thank for your interest

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Re: Kanji Furigana transcription

Postby team.relationships » February 26th, 2015 10:18 am

Hi kalasnikhov,

Thank you for following up.
We will consider your suggestion about adding the furigana to our transcript and PDF Lesson notes.
Feel free to ask and suggest as often as you wish.

Thank you for your patience.

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