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UG Phone Home Lesson Is a Good Standard

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UG Phone Home Lesson Is a Good Standard

Postby leastactionprinciple3185 » April 22nd, 2010 9:41 pm

Dear Friends At JapanesePod101

I found that most of your lessons have a bunch of idle chatter that can be minimized by making sure the lesson moves. I don't think that there should be a complete elimination of the idle chatter because the informal chat makes the lessons fun, however you have to make sure that there is more lesson and less banter.

I thought one of the best lessons I've heard was the Lower Intermediate Lesson 37 UG Phone Home. The people leading the lesson just kept moving along and it made the lesson efficient. Perhaps you guys can listen to it and set it as a type of standard.

I also don't know if you guys have heard of PopUpChinese, but those guys have a very informal method of teaching similar to JapanesePod101, but they are always focused on the lesson. In fact sometimes the person leading the lesson intervenes on the idle chatter and makes sure there is a drive to the end.



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Postby peachrules » April 22nd, 2010 11:04 pm

I agree. I have very limited time to listen to the lessons and need every few seconds that I can get to study. I have family members who complain about too much conversaion too. Don't get rid of it, just tone it down a notch, ok? Thanks!

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UG Phone Home Lesson Is a Good Standard

Postby hblzr » April 23rd, 2010 4:29 am

I disagree. If you listen carefully to the banter that goes on you will pick up subtle nuances regarding the Japanese culture vis a vis other cultures. (Look up the background of the team members, each brings a different flavor to the table.) To me this enriches the understanding of the language more and helps communicating with less misunderstandings.

Frankly, the style is boring to listen to. Jpod101 is the platinum standard. Peter, Naomi, Natsuko and the team over deliver in their lessons which includes free and paid versions. So, no Jpod101 don't listen to popupchinese.

Put another way, I've learned enough to argue in Japanese with my significant other and not p*ss her off because of what I absorbed from the Naomi sensei, Natsuko, Peter et al "chatter".

So for me don't stop the "chatter" there's gold between the lines or should I say it's priceless :) If you want to study more just buy a subscription, that should speed you along quite nicely.

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