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Japanese Verbs (Conjugation in all forms)

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Japanese Verbs (Conjugation in all forms)

Postby misaiah113085 » March 14th, 2010 5:46 pm

As most of us already know about Verb conjugation - Present and Non-past; ive noticed that it doesn't just stop there. There's at least 9 different conjugations:

Example: the word Morau = to receive, to get

Indicative - morau morawanai
moraimasu moraimasen
Imperative - morae morau na
morainasai morainasaru na
moratte kudasaimorawanai de kudasai
omorai nasaimaseomorainasaimasu na
Presumptive -moraoomoraumai
morau daroomorawanai daroo
morau deshoomorawanai deshoo
Provisional - moraebamorawanakereba
moraimasebamoraimasen nara
Gerund -morattemorawanai de
moraimashitemoraimasen de
Past Ind. - morattamorawanakatta
moraimashitamoraimasen deshita
Past Presump.- morattaroomorawanakattaroo
moratta daroomorawanakatta daroo
moraimashitaroomoraimasen deshitaroo
moratta deshoomorawanakatta deshoo
Conditional - morattaramorawanakattara
moraimashitaramoraimasen deshitara
Alternative - morattari morawanakattari
moraimashitarimoraimasen deshitari

(All including 'Positve Forms' blue, and Negative Forms' red)

And then there's also 6 more conjugations


Passive - morawareru
Potential - morareru
Causitve - morawaseru
Causitive Pass. - morawaserareru
Honorific - omorai ni naru omorai nasaru
Humble - itadaku


I dont know if Jpod101 has already gone over all this in their lessons because i can honestly say i haven't listened to them all just yet. But if these forms haven't yet been discussed i think it would be great to know and find out about and be more in depth with the japanese language by knowing and understanding all of these different forms of verb. So this is my Lesson Suggestion! I hope Jpod will consider this Suggestion: i really think it would take people to a new level of understanding, if being taught these 15 different forms of verb conjugation.

Hope to get a reply soon,
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