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the verb te-form and ~shimau, informal and formal

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the verb te-form and ~shimau, informal and formal

Postby mypodjap » January 9th, 2010 4:39 pm

Good day !

Could we please have a lesson that goes over how to form various verbs with the "~shimau" and "~chau" endings ? Example sentences too would be most helpful.

As a female westerner, middle aged, I am often confused about formal versus informal speech especially when it applies to women versus men, and as women's speech being lumped in with children's speech versus slang. So, your examples of sentences and context are most helpful and illuminating !

It seems that many teachers may underestimate the value of teaching infomal expressions - but I may hear them and really would like to know the subtleties they imply. :?

Thank-you for your consideration of my request. :D

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Postby hotondo2024 » January 10th, 2010 5:16 am

That actually sounds like a real good idea, I hear casual speech with -chau and shimau quite often and even in songs, though they are usually conjugated like chatta and shimatta. I was told when used in such a way it's to show something was accidental. Which could make for an interesting podcast for sure.
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