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What Grammar/Vocab do I need to start with a Season.

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What Grammar/Vocab do I need to start with a Season.

Postby Teskal » January 1st, 2010 9:28 am

Lower Intermediate and Intermediate are little to heavy for me. But mostly because of unknown vocabulary. (Ok, and few but not much grammar points, too).

Beginner ist little to easy. The only reason why I proceed with Beginner Season 1 is that there are much unknown vocabulary and I need training in listening japanese. But there is no new Grammar for me. I heard the dialogs of the first 50 Lessons of Beginner S1 and complete Newbie S1.

My greatest Problem how to start with a season, is that I don't know which grammar and which Vocabulary you expect to know for the different Newbie, Beginner and all Intermediate Seasons.

I cannot check which Grammar and Vocab I don't know and must learn, before I start the intermediate lessons.

I know the following link, but it is not helping:
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