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japanese wordpower app useless on android. need a fix!

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japanese wordpower app useless on android. need a fix!

Postby Gaph1990_515453 » February 13th, 2017 8:50 am

I've been using japanese pod 101 for a month now, and I have to say that I love it. I truly do! I'm a truck driver so I listen to the audio lessons while I drive all day every day, and I watch the videos at night or I practice kanji with the Asashi Kanji app which I love. but I'm having a hard time memorizing the readings, so I began thinking, if I know more words and the different ways to pronounce them I could memorize the readings that way. as it turns out it was a great idea suddenly I'm learning 4-5 times easier.

here's where the problem appears. I'd been driving along listening 200+ news segments out of curiosity as to the origins and history of this site and as a breather between long periods of study and I keep hearing about this amazing app that can do wonders for your vocabulary; Wordpower. not wanting to miss out and seeing as this aligns perfectly with my current need I got the complete version and for about 5 minutes I was overjoyed by what this app had to offer, then I began to use the app and was thoroughly disappointed.

more then a few words have no pictures... understandable and ultimately unimportant to me personally but this should probably be fixed.

a lot of words don't have a working audio track... this is slightly more important since we need to know the proper pronunciation and having to leave a round of flashcards to go type in the word elsewhere just for that is inconvenient to say the least.

and finally the issue that actually caused me to come here and complain about this app:

The fonts on the flashcards are absolutely too small, kanji is absolutely illegible and the fact that it's bright blue makes it that much harder to read. now I've tried changing the settings making the kanji 200% normal size but even that isn't enough you would need an option of atleast 800%. honestly I can't see any reason for the font to be that small. I mean if your going to use an entire sheet of paper to write a single character are you going to write it the size of a penny or are you going to use as much of the page as you can. same concept here.

this last issue absolutely needs to be fixed. for the record I'm using a galaxy Samsung s7 edge. so I don't know if this issue is only for android but all the same this needs to be looked into, this isn't the free version. people paid for this product and it's incomplete.

thank you for hearing me out. please let me know if you don't intend to fix these issues because I haven't removed the app yet but I can still get my refund if I hurry. I would rather keep the app but that's ultimately up to you.

on a brighter note if you do intend to fix these issues how about adding a feature, I'm not certain how difficult it would be but it's a variant on the progress feature you have for your online flashcards, right now the indicator next to each word is either blank saying this word hasn't been used in flashcards and answered correctly or its green meaning you've answered it right once. how about a three step process, not counting blank of course your would have red indicator light meaning you've answered it right once the yellow if you've answered this one atleast 3 times correctly regardless of if you got I wrong a few times since the red light came on. and finally a green light which only lights up if you got the last 5 times correct. meaning if it comes up again and you have the green light, but you get it wrong it's back to yellow light till you get it right 5 times In a row.

the number of times is entirely up to you but I would put a setting in the options so the user can set the green light at 3 times in a row or at 10 times in a row if they wish. same for yellow answering correctly 2 times or 7 times... you get the idea. make this customizable. could be fun. and it might even be useful later I'd you want to add an option that shows you which words you have a tendency to forget when you don't review them regularly. for example a word that you get to green but that after its been a while since you've seen it goes back to yellow cause you got it wrong.

just an idea because I do believe this app has tremendous potential. thank you for listening I will try to post more positively from here on out. ありがとうございます!

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Re: japanese wordpower app useless on android. need a fix!

Postby lena_511666 » February 15th, 2017 6:13 pm

Hello Gaph1990,

We're happy to read about your Japanese learning process and we appreciate your feedback!
We will inform our content team about your comment on the app.

If you have further questions/ comments related to the app, please email us at
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