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advanced blog

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advanced blog

Postby kalapaki3000_507843 » September 7th, 2015 8:04 am

When I first signed up I downloaded an advanced blog featuring a girl who traveled to Kyoto and visited her grandmother. Then I switched to Premium and now I can't find that blog. Is it still offered? Also, are there any other advanced materials other than the blogs and the narratives about e.g. Hokkaido etc? A general feedback comment I'd like to leave is that I'd like to hear more substitution drills (I listen while driving, no time to look at the pdf) whereby a grammatical point is presented and then the listener is challenged to substitute other subject and objects etc. It's on some of the lessons, but only a few and only a handful per grammatical point. Thanks.

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Re: advanced blog

Postby jaehwi » September 14th, 2015 1:44 am


I keep all audio blogs published so far, so the lesson should be still on the site : )

Could you check if this lesson is what you are looking for, by the way?

By the way, we've made the new video series in the advanced level, which you can learn about Japanese Holidays in Japanese. Here's the link to the series. We'll also consider of having more audio contents in the advanced level.

Thank you,
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