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Quesries about JLPT grammar

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Quesries about JLPT grammar

Postby man9501_502795 » March 27th, 2015 5:13 pm

Can anyone comment till which JLPT Grammar level this site could take you to? I think it really helps to set out a schedule, and this has been a really common question here.

Please can anyone try to classify these series in order of which they should be used according to JLPT Level. I have already classified the first 2 level (as per my observations) and need help with the later ones :

- Newbie Season 2
- Newbie Season 3
- Beginner Season 4

- Beginner Season 4
- Beginner Season 5
- Beginner Season 6
- Lower Intermediate Season 6

JLPT N3 and above (Please classify the following as N3, N2 , N1)
- Lower Intermediate Season 6
- Upper Beginners Season 1
- Lower Intermediate Season 3
- Lower Intermediate Season 4
- Lower Intermediate Season 5
- Intermediate Season 1
- Upper Intermediate Season 5
- Upper Intermediate Season 4
- Upper Intermediate Season 3
- Upper Intermediate Season 2
- Upper Intermediate Season 1

I really hope that the above atleast takes me to JLPT N2 level (Am I being too optimistic?)

Please correct me if I am wrong (in order or classification of levels).
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