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Badges / Achievements

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Badges / Achievements

Postby boku1571 » April 28th, 2012 6:53 am

Badges / Achievements are getting very popular these days, and they seem to be a great way to promote community involvement.

Basically they're token awards you get for completing goals on the site.

I suggest that the Pod101 network implement them! There can be very fun to earn, and more importantly, make the site more engaging to the users...

Some Examples:

Polyglot: Complete Beginner Lessons on more than one * site.
Forum Fan: Post at least 5 messages in the forums.
Hittin Your Stride: Completed 30 or more lessons.
Oyaji: Completed at least one Upper Level series.
Sensei: Completed at least 6000 Vocabulary correctly in the Flashcards.

etc etc....
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