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A calendar for easy archive search !

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A calendar for easy archive search !

Postby プチクレア » February 6th, 2010 9:14 am

Hi every one !!!

I'm back to JapanesePod101 after a few months off (not disappointed or anything, just a very hectic schedule :wink: ) and I was looking for some old lessons. I'm looking for year-old lessons on a daily basis (basically, when I study for example the lesson for Feb 1st, 2010, I also study on the same day Feb 1, 2008 and Feb 1, 2009) and the search process for this is rather convoluted, since I have to log in to the premium center and then go through all the pages until I can locate the right lessons.

Would it be possible to have a small calendar on the side so one could access the lessons from a given timeframe directly ? This is a common feature on most blogs and websites, and I've seen you could already access the archives through (I know, I could also type it everytime, but I'm lazy !), so I guess it wouldn't be too difficult to put up. If a calendar with direct links to each and every lesson wasn't possible, maybe one to access things by year and month would be possible. And didn't there used to be something like this anyway ?

Thanks !
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Postby Chris » February 6th, 2010 7:03 pm

I miss the calendar on the side too. Also, a lot of the lessons don't have dates on them anymore, so it makes it very confusing to figure out where I left off in the lessons. Please add back the calendar.

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Postby Jessi » February 8th, 2010 1:30 am

Hi プチクレアさん, long time no see! We've missed you! :)
I have passed on your request to have the calender added back. We are actually planning a site redesign in the near future, so we'll see how we can work this in somehow.
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