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Dictionary update

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Dictionary update

Postby kklatka » April 3rd, 2008 7:33 am

Hi, Im a premium subscriber to Japanesepod 101, and I really like the services of the website, but I think the dictionary needs an overhaul. It could definately have a larger amount of words. I tried to look up "circulate" and it wasnt there, yet in google languages, they had the japanese kanji for it. Unfortunately they did not have the pronunciation, which is something that I do need in my early stages of study.

My point is that I am paying a lot to use this service, and I think an amazing dictionary should come with that.

I'm beginning to learn Kanji and I am frustrated by the Kanji-closeups. It also would be amazing if they included stroke order or pictures to help you remember the meaning of the kanji or even origins of the characters, that would be amazing and something that I am really interested in!

I love the lessons, and if you beaf up the kanji close ups and word dictionary, the site would be even sweeter!

Thanks for listening,
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