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Vocabulary and/or Kanji Index

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Vocabulary and/or Kanji Index

Postby LittleFish » May 9th, 2006 2:04 pm

First time posting, I've listened to your podcast for quite some time now... I love listening to it, but I want to input the learned vocabulary into a program called "Supermemo" (I will create a topic about the program if one doesn't exist in the next few days or so), a program that refreshes inputted information before one forgets it. It is the most effective method I've found yet to remember vocabulary for, and I wish to input all of the words I've learned on Japanesepod101, but I don't want to have to listen to the entire podcast again to get that already learned information. So if someone could make a simple list (It doesn't matter if it's in alphabetical/kana order or not, just a list) of new words learned on the podcast, it would make it much easier for me in input those words into Supermemo and attain lifetime retention.

Thanks for reading this :)
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Vocabulary and/or Kanji Index

Postby Bob1 » May 18th, 2006 6:18 am

The Learning Center already offers this (though I would like some aspects of the indexing improved). At the basic membership level, you could look at the pdf's and then input it into your "Supermemo" program. In fact, inputing it yourself might be a more effective aide to retention than just having it all prepared for you in the learning center.

What I would like improved about the indexing of kanji in the learning center is that it does not allow one to retrieve the instances where that kanji has been used in the lessons. It comes down to a question of how much effort would be needed to implement this, but I would like to see something similar to Moc OS X's "Spotlight," so that when one looks at a kanji it would be possible to retrieve instances from the lessons where that kanji has been used. The kanji indexes should be generated automatically without the JPod101 staff having to key in anything more that they already do. Ideally, one would be able to retrict retrieval to a certain category of lesson (all, intermediate only, beginner only, survival phrases, etc.). Presently all the common/semi-common readings of a kanji are given, but without any specific examples. This is like ttrying to expand one's vocabulary by reading through a dictionary; you learn something, but without context it is rather difficult to use and remember what you learn.
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