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Production Process and Processing Equipment of Limestone Powder

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Production Process and Processing Equipment of Limestone Powder

Postby heaprily_505309 » April 10th, 2015 2:28 am

Limestone is a common form of non-metallic minerals. China is rich in limestone mineral resources, accounting for more than 64% of the world's total reserves, is an advantage of the natural resources. At present, the more developed countries such as Japan and abroad, the United States and other utilization and deep processing of the results of numerous limestone, there are 400 to 500 patents. With high-grade calcium carbonate materials abroad, packing into the Chinese market, and promote domestic technological progress, accelerate the rapid growth of China's deep processing of calcium carbonate species and toward diversification, the rapid development of professional, fine direction.
Limestone powder production process, limestone can be used to produce ash calcium powder, calcium hydroxide, Flying powder, heavy calcium, light calcium, etc., then the lime powder production technology and equipment are what it? Generally limestone crushing, after grinding can be applied to various industries. Domestic manufacturers of mine mill according to the unique physical and chemical properties of limestone, have launched specifically for limestone powder processing mill system limestone, limestone mill belonging to a mine mill is mainly used for processing such as limestone class ore products.
Lime powder production technology and equipment, shipped from limestone quarry remove gangue crusher then coarsely crushed limestone, limestone mill and then get a fine limestone powder, flour and finally grader for grading, meet the size requirements of the powder as product packaging and storage, otherwise flour mill again.
Investment in processing limestone powder is currently on the market is extremely wise choice, but only if you need to find a trusted provider of limestone powder production process, Vico Heavy supplied limestone powder production line equipment configuration is mainly based on customer specifications and production of stone and the use of stone to make sure that we provide pre-sale, sale and comprehensive services, based on customer production site to the configuration process, and strive to provide our customers the most reasonable and economical production line.
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