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Production Process of Fly Grinding and Processing Equipment of Superfine Fly

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Production Process of Fly Grinding and Processing Equipment of Superfine Fly

Postby heaprily_505309 » April 10th, 2015 10:49 am

Fly ash from coal combustion flue gas after the closing down of a fine catch ash, coal-fired power plant fly ash is discharged from the main solid waste. China's thermal power plant fly ash is mainly oxide composition of: SiO2, Al2O3, FeO, Fe2O3, CaO, TiO2 and so on. Fly ash is one of the larger displacement of current industrial waste, with the development of the electric power industry, fly ash emissions from coal-fired power plants every year. Lot of fly ash not addressed, it will generate dust, pollution of the atmosphere; if discharged into the river system can cause blockage of the river, and one of the toxic chemicals can also cause harm to humans and creatures. Also available as an admixture of fly ash concrete.
Ultra-fine powder processing equipment Fly, fly ash as an important raw material in the process of being demanding on the quality of the product. And Raymond grinding machines and high-pressure grinding machine has been unable to satisfy the requirements, there are still some gaps. The ultra-fine grinding machine has a particle size in terms of yields and strong advantages of fly ash, produced by the particle morphology to the main round and smooth surface, the intensity produced by the concrete will be relatively high. Ash is characterized by finer particles, the intensity will be higher, so the selection process grinding equipment, choose a fineness of grinding is critical machine.
Superfine mean particle size less than 32μm Fly Fly. It can substitute an equal amount of cement than 30%, the preparation of high-strength, high-performance pumping concrete, can save a lot of energy, but also save a lot of limestone cement production into consumption, reduce carbon dioxide emissions generated by the production of cement clinker. In the power plant fly ash emissions, the general size of up to 32μm or less accounted for only 1% of ultra-fine powder, while the price is generally fly nearly 10 times. Large-scale production of ultra-fine fly ash cement industry and the construction industry has been a wish to overcome the difficulties.
Fly mill production processes, currently fly multiple types of processing equipment to Raymond mill, high pressure mill, powder mill, such as the most widely used, Vico Heavy Heavy D and manufacturing of ultra-fine milling Q5 machine is based on the traditional Raymond mill optimization improvements from, you can achieve a one-time processing of fly ash ultrafine powders. Processed fly ash particle size uniformity, providing active surface, can be added directly to the concrete, thus saving a lot of cement raw materials.
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