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Maybe going to studying abroad. Need some tips & helps ty :)

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Maybe going to studying abroad. Need some tips & helps ty :)

Postby johanrift8358 » September 8th, 2014 5:25 am

Hey there! :D

I planning to studying abroad in next year (April 2015) but i'm little worried about my JP skills
for the first time in Japan and living with host family :?

Is there someone here how has the experience to living with Host family in Japan with very low JP skills :?:
:arrow: (if you don't know; jp skills = how good you are at Japanese)
Or even know someone ?

So i need some tips about that :)

So far when i did research about that on google, i did only found people with good Japanese experience.

Don't know if that is worth to going to Japan with low skills, maybe i should stay home and study Japanese :?:
I'know that many school in Japan has Beginning class, but i don't know anything about host family :P
Maybe the expect that foreigner "can" speak Japanese (like basic Japanese and little more...).

Ofc,the are more home living optional then Host family,
but living with Host family will give more experience about Japanese language & culture, and living with
Japanese family :)

I started with Japanese Last Summer (Think it was Jun 2013 :P),
but after summer i was busy with work, and personally reason with friends ect...
So i did decide in this summer to get hang with Japanese 24/7 :lol: (Typ...)
Listen to Jpod from and to work, and even when i'm eating :P
and try to study so much i can meanwhile i'm home :)


Sorry for bad English, my native is Swedish :oops:

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Re: Maybe going to studying abroad. Need some tips & helps t

Postby lauralanda » September 22nd, 2014 11:56 am

Hi Johan,

Thank you for posting!
We are glad to hear that you are interested in Japanese language and culture :D
You should try to learn as much Japanese as you can before you come to Japan.
Let us know if you have question regarding our lessons.

Good luck!
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