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Loving Japan

Posted: September 16th, 2012 10:32 pm
by chonnyfonny696924
Hey guys.
Sorry i haven't been here for a couple of weeks now.
I love it.
Right now I'm in Kyoto for Training. I spent a few days in Tokyo not much sightseeing but yeah its good
Just thought i'd drop a line to say Hello. My Japanese gets better and better here. I just wish i can write everything down i hear.
Need to learn Kanji so bad... I only know hiragana.
Theres alot of food I wanna try but my friends are fans of seafood.... yeah me too sorry.
Hope to talk soon. I leave next sunday.
Ja mata
p.s Living the dream :)

Posted: September 17th, 2012 6:52 pm
by mmmason8967
Glad you're enjoying it (he said with gritted teeth, trying to choke down feelings of deepest envy).

Will you be doing a write-up after you get back? It'd be really good to hear about what you did and where you went, things turned out to be different to what you expected, things that were more difficult than you thought they'd be--and, of course, the things that were exactly how you'd hoped they'd be.


Posted: September 18th, 2012 3:33 pm
by natsukoy9313
Wow, that's great to know that your Japanese is getting better and better. :wink:
Kyoto is a lovely city!
And, like マイケルsan requested, it'd be great if you could share some information about your visits and experiences in Japan!
Enjoy your dream live! :wink:


Posted: September 24th, 2012 9:35 pm
by chonnyfonny696924
Thanks guys
I wish I could've visited you guys and the japanese pod 101 team in tokyo.
Minor notes:
I need to start learning kanji and katakana.
So I'm definately might need to step up my japanese. I'm planning to go back next year for the same time again or in april
I will write up a minor blog and post photos on my fb wall :)
let me what you think.

Posted: September 25th, 2012 1:44 am
by mmmason8967
chonnyfonny696924 wrote:Minor notes:
I need to start learning kanji and katakana.

If those are the minor notes, I can't help wondering what the major notes are like...



Re: Loving Japan

Posted: September 30th, 2012 9:25 pm
by chonnyfonny696924
Ok. So I'm back home in Australia. Back to reality. I'll make a short note again on minor and major notes
Need to reasearch about phone rental with data... Came home with a Giant phone bill... I rented a phone in Japan that can only make calls. I needed fb and hotmail in japan just to meet up with some people :)
-Need to check exchange rates. I swear I was getting ripped off 99% of the time there.
-Need to get started in learning Katakana and Kanji.
-Should plan out a list of tourist attractions and places i want to head to.
-Should upgrade my subscription so I can have assessments on my japanese progress.

I guess I'll make a blog soon. I got photos to show :)
p.s: Next mission. JLPT N5 test :shock: