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Please help me read this email!

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Please help me read this email!

Postby kaylasemail2001_518223 » September 28th, 2017 5:52 pm

Hi guys!

I've been using your website to study Japanese for a while now and I love it! I'm going on a student exchange to Japan in less than a week and it's helped me to improve and have more confidence in my language skills!

Despite that, I know I'm far from perfect and I really need some help! I would really appreciate your assistance.

My host mother sent me an email entirely in Japanese and I'm not very good at reading Japanese. Please translate it for me:

こんにちは! 日本にくるひが近づきましたね。あなたが行く共愛学園はとてもフレンドリーな学園です 私と二人のむすめもそつぎょうしました。 1ヶ月楽しくすごしましょ

I can dissect bits and pieces but not enough to make sense of what she is saying.Your help would mean a lot!

Thank you! :-D

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Re: Please help me read this email!

Postby mmmason8967 » October 4th, 2017 9:34 pm


Nihon ni kuru hi ga ...
The day that you come to Japan ...

... chikazukimashita ne.
... has got very close, hasn't it.

Anata ga iku Kyouai Gakuen wa ...
Kyouai Academy, where you will go, ...

... totemo furendorii na gakuen desu.
... is a very friendly school.

Watashi to futari no musume mo sotsugyou shimashita.
I and my two daughters went there.

ikkagetsu tanoshiku sugoshimasho
We will have a very enjoyable month!

Hope that helps!

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