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What video courses to take, if any?

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What video courses to take, if any?

Postby keronkinara_515061 » June 17th, 2017 4:00 am

I had to quit my real life Japanese class so hoping to learn the basics with the help of media from this site as well as my textbook "Japanese for busy people 1" before I start the 2nd level of the Japanese course offered by my local language centre.
I've been convinced that it's worth going through the courses in the following order

Nihongo Doujou
Newbie S2 --> Newbie S3 --> Beginner S4 --> Beginner S5 --> Beginner S6 --> Lower Intermediate S6

But these are audio lessons. I wanted to find out what video courses are worth taking at each level and also whether the largest course will contain the same content as the smaller ones. Thank you

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Re: What video courses to take, if any?

Postby motoko.innovative » August 21st, 2017 8:46 am

-san konnichiwa,

Thank you for your post and welcome to!
We recommend Nihongo Dojo series if you study grammar patterns more.
It's because that Video lessons are focused more on culture and listening comprehension.
Audio Lessons introduces patterns more in detail. :)

Here are some video series for you.
"Learn Japanese Grammar Video - Absolute Beginner"
*The patterns are similar to Absolute Beginner series Season 1 (Audio Lesson) but you can see the structure visually.
"Learn Japanese Conversations with Animation — Absolute Beginner"
*The dialogue is similar to some of Absolute Beginner series and Newbie series, but you can follow stories with visuals.
However, Lesson Notes doesn't have the Grammar focus section.

Do you have Premium PLUS subscription? If so, you can ask your instructor which is the best series for you.
You can also take assessment test and figure out your Japanese level. :)

Hope this helps,
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