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originally from China, living in America for 6 years, planning to move to Tokyo

Jobs in Japan, schools in Japan, Japanese visa questions, living in Japan, and more. If you're planning on studying or finding a job in Japan, get info here.

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originally from China, living in America for 6 years, planning to move to Tokyo

Postby Nagracewang_506331 » August 5th, 2015 4:07 am

hello guys,

I have a couple questions for you guys and wonder if you would mind sharing what you know... I am really lost and would like to hear opinions..

I have been a dedicated Premium member of since beginning of this year. The motivation for me and my husband to learn Japanese daily is that we are planning to re-locate to Japan next year. We have been in Boston, MA United States for 6 years (my husband 8 years), starting as master's program students, now working in US corporations. We have pleasant experience living here and we are completely fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and English. But we would like to move to Japan because we wanna be closer to home in mainland China. My husband works for Akamai Technologies, who has branch office in Tokyo and he has the opportunity to transfer to this Tokyo office. However for me, I would need to look for a new job. So my questions-
1) When I searched jobs in Tokyo related to my background (digital marketing), I noticed a lot of them require fluency in Japanese. If I only apply for US companies located in Tokyo, is that still the case? Do people in such companies speak English or Japanese on daily basis?
2) Does anyone know any resources(like websites) that I can learn more about Japan's policy of working visa, having kids, etc? The reason being, in the US, it's pretty strict in getting a work visa and you have to do job related to what you learned in school/past work experience. Is it the same in Japan? Can I open a, say, flower shop in Japan and getting valid work visa? If my husband has job but i don't, is it legal to look for a job while I'm there in Tokyo? Also if we have kids in Japan, i would really love to know the policies for going to school, getting medical care, etc. If someone could help me to point to any resources i would really appreciate it.
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