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I want to help the youth in Japan & Korea!

Posted: May 13th, 2015 4:53 am
by wasabiishot_505619
Hey everyone! こんにちは!

My name is Chung. US citizen and 22 years old. Half Korean and half Japanese.
One of my passions is helping others 1-on-1 with emotional/social/personal problems and helping them move forward in life.

I would like to help the young (age 13-25) -maybe older- people in Asia that deal with isolation and loneliness. You may have heard the term 'Hikikomori'.
I know that Korea and Japan have the highest suicide rates in all the world. I know a lot of these people dealt with loneliness and social pressure. I want to be a friend and maybe coach to these people in need.

I was wondering how I could start this process of being an aid to these people.
1. What kind of 'help' is already in Japan for people in these situations?
2. Is there a job title for people that do what I want to do?
3. If it is "therapist" or "counselor", what are the qualifications needed for a us citizen to become a therapist in Japan?

And any other information on the social issues in Japan for you first-hand experience would be AWESOME! Thanks! ありがとうございます!