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My Kana, Kanji and Grammar App!

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My Kana, Kanji and Grammar App!

Postby howellpeebles5410 » September 17th, 2015 12:44 am


I made an app for the iPhone,!-hiragana-katakana/id1014955564?mt=8 I work for a Japanese company and I am currently studying for JLPT N1 and couldn't find a good app that teaches not only Kanji and Vocabulary but grammar also. So I made an app and have been adding new lessons as often as possible. I am not fluent yet but I have a Japanese co-worker that helps me create the lessons. If you try my app please let me know what you think at . I would really appreciate any feedback to help me make this a great learning tool for Japanese.

James Howell Peebles

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Re: My Kana, Kanji and Grammar App!

Postby community.japanese » September 17th, 2015 6:17 am

James Howell Peebles san,
Konnichiwa. :)
Thank you for sharing the information.
I hope many people could use and improve their Japanese.
Yuki 由紀
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