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It's KASHI TIME! (Song Lyrics)

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It's KASHI TIME! (Song Lyrics)

Postby Psy » December 31st, 2007 2:07 pm

Figured I'd post this in the resources section since a post recently brought it up. Most of you, like me, probably find yourselves looking for song lyrics at one point or another, and sometimes (particularly when searching in Japanese) it can be a frustrating experience. On one such hunt, I located this site, and have seldom had a problem finding lyrics since:

If you're still a bit squeamish (it does take awhile) with kanji, the search options are:

曲名 = composition title (きょくめい)
歌手 = singer (かしゅ)
作詞 = lyricist (さくし)
作曲 = composer (さっきょく)
作品 = work (さくひん)

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