Japanese Particles Explained

26 Lessons • 5 Hours, 39 Minutes
These tiny sounds (ga, ni, o, na, de, and so on) can make a huge difference!
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Coincidence Times Two, Japanese Particles Wa, No, and Mo
Learn about introducing oneself
10 Minutes • Audio
You Can Speak More Languages with Japanese Particles O and Ga!
Learn about talking about one's ability
12 Minutes • Audio
Japanese Particle No: There's a New Teacher in the Room!
Learn about introducing someone formally
11 Minutes • Audio
Take Your Japanese Questions to New Heights with Particles Ka and No!
Learn about talking about one's child
12 Minutes • Audio
Need Directions? Japanese Particles E, Ni, Kara, and Made Will Show You the Way!
Learn about asking direction at a train station
11 Minutes • Audio
Learn Japanese Time Particles Kara, Made, and Ni in a Particle of Time!
Learn about asking about the consultation hours of the dental clinic
12 Minutes • Audio
You'll Know the Location of the Action with Japanese Particles Ni, De, and O
Learn about giving directions
13 Minutes • Audio
Every List of Japanese Particles HAS to Include Japanese Particles To, Ya, or Mo!
Learn about offering something to someone
13 Minutes • Audio
What's the Subject? Look for the Japanese Particles Wa and Ga
Learn about asking various questions
14 Minutes • Audio
The Object of Your Desire, and More, Japanese Particle Ga!
Learn about telling what you want
14 Minutes • Audio
What Do Football, Baseball, and the Japanese Particle Wa Have in Common?
Learn about talking about what you're good at and what you're not so good at
14 Minutes • Audio
Other Particles Are Useful, but Japanese Particles Wa and Mo Are Crucial!
Learn about telling someone has disappeared
13 Minutes • Audio
We Agree...We Have Strong Feelings About Japanese Particles Ne, Yo, Wa, Ze, and Zo!
Learn about apologizing
14 Minutes • Audio
Casually Speaking, Have Some Fun with Japanese Particles, No, Na, Kana, and Jan!
Learn about feeling sympathy
13 Minutes • Audio
Japanese Particles De and Kara Are the Right Tools to Get the Job Done!
Learn about talking about an injury
11 Minutes • Audio
Japanese Particles Yori, No hou, Ga, Wa, To, and De Make Comparisons a No-brainer!
Learn about comparing things
14 Minutes • Audio
Find Everything You're Looking for with Japanese Particles O and Ni!
Learn about asking for directions
13 Minutes • Audio
What's Your Excuse?! And it Had Better Begin with Japanese Particles De, Kara, and Node!
Learn about giving reasons
12 Minutes • Audio
Tell Them How You Really Feel with Japanese Particles Wa and Ga!
Learn about talking about physical appearance or condition
12 Minutes • Audio
The Japanese Particles Ga and No Are a Dream Come True!
Learn about describing an item
11 Minutes • Audio
A Golden Anniversary: Looking Back Over Japanese Particles No, Wa, Ga, and O
Learn about giving a present
14 Minutes • Audio
Your Japanese-Speaking Goals Will Be Met in No Time with Particles E, Ni, and De!
Learn about giving advice
14 Minutes • Audio
Reviewing Your Choices Is Impossible without First Reviewing Japanese Particles No and To!
Learn about telling one's opinion
14 Minutes • Audio
As Much as You Study Japanese, Shouldn't You Know Japanese Particles Ka and Mo?
Learn about talking about one's problems
13 Minutes • Audio
After this Lesson, Even You Will Understand Japanese Particles Kara and Made
Learn about inviting someone to a party
13 Minutes • Audio
JLPT Level 4 Last Minute Prep Course 2
Learn about the top five particles you'll need for the test
11 Minutes • Audio