Doing Business in Japanese for Intermediate Learners

15 Lessons • 3 Hours, 25 Minutes
Build on your success in Japanese buisness with these intermediate lessons.
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Do You Understand What I'm Telling You In Japanese?
Learn how to use certain phrases that you'll find handy in business situations
18 Minutes • Audio
There's No Chance You'll Find This Japanese Lesson Boring!
Learn how to say that something is impossible in Japanese
19 Minutes • Audio
Give Me Your Best Japanese Advice
Learn how to give someone advice in Japanese
7 Minutes • Audio
I'll Get Back to You in Japanese
Learn about using business Japanese
18 Minutes • Audio
Thank You for Doing Business with Us in Japan
Learn about writing business e-mails
17 Minutes • Audio
What Do You Think about My Japanese Proposal?
Learn the common Japanese phrases you'll use during proposal phases and we'll also teach you the Japanese words you can use to tell someone (hopefully not your spouse
18 Minutes • Audio
When I Offered My Japanese Proposal, They Applauded
Learn how you can say something happened in Japanese when someone else did something
19 Minutes • Audio
Subject to Your Agreement, We Have a Japanese Deal!
Learn Japanese expressions you can use to reach a conditional arrangement
18 Minutes • Audio
Making Extra Formal Japanese Requests
Learn about using extra-formal language as we review sonkei-go, or "honorific language"
17 Minutes • Audio
Using Humble Language in Elegant Japanese Surroundings
Learn how to be extra formal in Japanese using kenjō-go, or "humble language"
17 Minutes • Audio
Showing Respect with Formal Japanese Language
Learn the basic dos and don'ts for using extra formal Japanese
19 Minutes • Audio
Reading Japanese Job Postings
Listen to a conversation about job postings
3 Minutes • Video
Discussing a Document in Japanese
Listen to a conversation about a document
3 Minutes • Video
Delivering a Sales Report in Japanese
Listen to a conversation about buying shirts in a sale
3 Minutes • Video
Organizing a Meeting in Japan
Listen to a conversation about a lost wallet
3 Minutes • Video