Conversation Starters for Advanced Listeners

11 Lessons • 44 Minutes
You speak Japanese like a local, but without good topics, your conversations will be flat. Study these lessons and your conversations will always be interesting!
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Japanese Comedians: The World of Japanese Comedy
Hear about Japanese comedians
3 Minutes • Audio
Learn about hanabi in Japan
2 Minutes • Audio
Hay Fever
Learn about spring allergy season in Japan
2 Minutes • Audio
The Real Japan: Toshogu in Nikko
Hear about shrines in Japan
3 Minutes • Audio
Top 10 Japanese Foods: Nattō
Learn about the Japanese food natto
8 Minutes • Audio
Top 10 Japanese Historical Figures: Nobunaga Oda
Learn about Nobunaga Oda, a Japanese historical figure well known for his abilities as well as his temper
8 Minutes • Audio
Japanese Tourist Spots-Nara
Learn about the Nara Prefecture in Japan
2 Minutes • Audio
Japanese Musicians - Southern All Stars
Learn about the Japanese band the Southern All Stars
3 Minutes • Audio
Japanese Musicians - Mr. Children
Learn about the Japanese band called Mr. Children
2 Minutes • Audio
Self Introduction
Learn how to introduce yourself
3 Minutes • Audio
Learn how to greet someone in Japanese
2 Minutes • Audio