Introduction: From Fashion to the Kansai Dialect

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Audio Blog #93 - Monja-yaki and Okonomi-yaki

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Japan is world-famous for its delicious and unique cuisine. Today we'll talk about 2 types of Japanese cuisine that are famous for FUN. That's right, okonomi-yaki and monja-yaki are 2 regional foods that are perfect for social occasions. It's as fun to make as it is to eat! Miki-san will talk about the differences between these Kansai and Kanto dishes, as well as the story behind their names. A word of warning, though. You may work up quite an appetite listening to this one!

Audio Blog #92 - Chopstick Manners

Advanced Audio Blog 1
Did you just insult your friend's grandmother? There are a lot of subtle manners associated with hashi (chopsticks). You definitely don't want make any of these mealtime no-no's. But have no fear, Miki's here to set the record straight and talk about some of the most important Japanese manners associated with chopsticks. After listening, stop by and be sure to leave her a post. Learn Japanese at!
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Audio Blog #91 - Personal Stamps

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Sign on the dotted line... without a pen? It's not a digital signature, it's a personal stamp. The long tradition of using a personal stamp is very much alive. If you're opening a bank account, buying a car or signing an official document, the preferred way of signing is using a hanko (personal stamp). Today Miki talks about these stamps and even tells you where you can get one too! After listening, stop by and be sure to leave her a post.

Audio Blog #90 - A Rude Customer

Advanced Audio Blog 1
Have you ever gone off on a shop clerk? In Miki's town there is a guy who is famous for being rude to shop clerks. Want to know why he does it? Tune in to this unbelievable audio blog and see what Miki thinks about it. After listening, be sure to leave her a post!

Audio Blog #89 - Pineapple Park

Advanced Audio Blog 1
What's your favorite food? If you like pineapples, then sunny Okinawa is the place for you. This tropical paradise is home to Pineapple Park, a theme park devoted entirely to... you guessed it, pineapples! Miki is going to tell us all about Japan's pineapple paradise!