Introduction: From Fashion to the Kansai Dialect

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Audio Blog #98 - Snowboard

Advanced Audio Blog 1
Learn Japanese with Check out this episode of Miki’s blog to hear all about her recent snowboarding trip and learn some Japanese vocabulary in the process. She introduces some great words like mizore (hail) to talk about the weather on her trip. Also, you’ll get to hear the funny details about her second attempt at snowboarding!

Audio Blog #97 - An Unexpected Japanese Tradition

Advanced Audio Blog 1
Learn Japanese with In every country, proud parents keep special tokens to celebrate the birth of a child. Some people keep locks of hair. Others keep their baby’s first tooth, marking an important milestone. In Japan, there is a surprising tradition that you might just find a little gross! This Audio Blog describes an unusual Japanese tradition that might surprise you. Learn about the unusual keepsake, and then test your comprehension with some in depth questions.
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Audio Blog #96- Bathing Twice a Year

Advanced Audio Blog 1
Learn Japanese with! Learn Japanese with immersion lessons in Japanese. Learning Japanese through immersing yourself in Japanese is one of the most effective ways to learn rapidly and tune your ear to the intonation and flow of the language. In these advanced Japanese lessons, we'll cover Japanese culture and customs in a Japanese teaching environment. Japanese love their furo (baths), but twice a year they take a very special bath! Learn about Japanese culture with this lesson on the Japanese custom of bathing with shobu (iris leaves) on May 5th Children's Day and with yuzu (ctirons) on the winter solstice. In this advanced Japanese lesson, Miki shares insight into the Japanese custom of a special bath twice a year.

Audio Blog #95- Origami

Advanced Audio Blog 1
Learn Japanese with! Chances are you've heard of the Japanese art of Origami. However, do you know the rich history behind Origami? Or how far this Japanese art dates back? In this lesson, Miki will teach us about the origin of origami, and Yuichi and Alisa will have a discussion in Japanese about their understanding of this Japanese art and its role in modern day Japanese life.

Audio Blog #94 - The Beckoning Cat

Advanced Audio Blog 1
Learn Japanese with! Have you heard the Japanese tale of the Beckoning Cat? While many people know of the Japanese Beckoning Cat, and what it stands for, very few know the story behind it. In this lesson, Miki will tell us all about this interesting tale. Impress your Japanese friends when you share the story behind the story with them.