Introduction: From Fashion to the Kansai Dialect

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Audio Blog #3 - Izu

Advanced Audio Blog 1
Learn Japanese with! Today Miki tells us about her trip to Izu Peninsula, a popular escape for Tokyoites packed with onsen, umi, and sandy beaches 120km South of Tokyo. While in Izu, Miki pays a visit to Izu Shaboten Koen - Izu Cactus Park - at the base of Mt. Orumo, a dormant volcano! Stop by to see the transcript of today's audio blog in the comments. Be sure to leave us a post!

Audio Blog #2 - Fireworks

Advanced Audio Blog 1
Learn Japanese with! In today's installment of Miki's audio blog, she talks about hanabi in Japan. With the Japanese summer coming to an end, Miki recaps her stories about a hanabi taikai she attended. Test your Japanese, and be sure to stop by to check out the transcript.
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Audio Blog #1 - Meet Miki

Advanced Audio Blog 1
Learn Japanese with! Today we meet Miki, the host of our new weekly audio blog. She will be updating listeners about her typical Tokyo life in Japanese. The Japanese transcript will be provided in the first comment of each post, so stop by and leave Miki a post! Yoroshiku onegai shimasu!