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Audio Blog #103 - Halloween in Japan?

Advanced Audio Blog 1
In this episode of Miki’s blog, learn about the autumn tradition in Japan called Tsukimi, or “moon viewing.” Discover the Japanese version of “the man in the moon” and some ways that the tradition has influenced Japanese dishes. If you’re ever in Japan during autumn, you’ll be glad you listened to this blog!

Audio Blog #102 - Toilets in Japan: Instructions Needed!

Advanced Audio Blog 1
Learn Japanese with! If you will ever visit Japan, this is one episode of Miki’s blog you must hear! Did you know that Japan’s toilets are very different from those in the U.S.? In fact, some have lids that open and close automatically. As Miki explains, some of these toilets and the walls around them are covered with buttons. The instructions on the buttons are in Japanese; there is no English to be found. So, you might get stuck with no clue how to get the toilet seat up or how to flush the toilet! That’s why this episode of Miki’s blog is so important. It’s full of funny facts about Japanese bathrooms. But, it also contains information you will need just to use the restroom in Japan! For example, you might not be able to operate the toilet if you don’t recognize the Otohime button! Everyone appreciates a little toilet humor, but this blog might save you some serious embarrassment!
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Audio Blog #101 - Eating Right in Japan

Advanced Audio Blog 1
Learn Japanese with! In this episode of Miki’s blog, learn about the Japanese foods you need to be familiar with. As you know, Miki introduces us to important elements of Japanese culture. In this blog, she tells you all about obento, or Japanese boxed lunches. If you’ve ever been curious about miso soup, Japanese sauces or other traditional dishes, this is the blog for you. In this episode of Miki’s blog, she tells you all about obentolunches and how to create your own. You’ll become familiar with the many types of Japanese foods you’ll see. And, you’ll pick up handy vocabulary words that will come in handy in a Japanese grocery store. This is one of Miki’s best blogs yet!

Audio Blog #100 - Lose Weight Fast!

Advanced Audio Blog 1
Learn Japanese with This episode of Miki’s blog deals with some amazing inventions by housewives. Want to lose weight? All you need is a pair of the special slippers described in this blog! Invented by a housewife, they are designed to help you shed pounds and gain lovely, shapely legs. But, it doesn’t stop there. Miki discusses another invention that I bet you didn’t know was developed by a housewife. As an added bonus, pick up some Japanese vocabulary words in this fascinating Japanese audio blog.

Audio Blog #99 - Nebuta Festival: A Festive Japanese Summer Tradition

Advanced Audio Blog 1
Learn Japanese with In this Japanese audio blog, Miki talks about the Nebuta festival, a traditional summer event. Learn about the haneto dancers and other amazing details about the festival. This Japanese audio blog is a great way to learn about a popular Japanese tradition and some helpful vocabulary.