Introduction: From Fashion to the Kansai Dialect

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Audio Blog #108 - Avoiding the Japanese Beer Tax

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Learn Japanese with! You might not believe how hard it can be to get an inexpensive beer in Japan. But, Miki’s here to tell us all about it. Better yet, she gives some tips about how to get around the problem! In this episode of Miki’s blog, learn about the cycle of high taxation on alcoholic beverages in Japan and what beer makers are doing about it. If you’ve never heard of beverages called happōshu or “third beer,” this blog will get you in the loop.

Audio Blog #107 - Secrets of Japanese Temples

Advanced Audio Blog 1
Learn Japanese with! If you’re going to visit Japan, you’ve got to hear this episode of Miki’s blog. Japan is full of history, and there are a lot of places to visit. But, some are more steeped in history than others. One place you’ve got to see is Yakushiji temple, but there’s something about it you need to know first! Built in 698 C.E., the Yakushiji temple in Nara prefecture holds quite a secret. Learn why one of the towers is taller than the other, and what’s in store for the temple in the future. You won’t believe what the builder had in mind!
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Audio Blog #106 - The Emmergence of the Independent Japanese Woman

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Learn Japanese with! In this episode of Miki’s blog, learn about Japan’s new woman! Many women who are married and have families still like to shop, eat or even vacation alone. This isn’t unusual in the U.S., but do you think it’s common in Japan? Miki teaches us all about o-hitorisama, or spiritually free women in Japan. These are Japan’s independent women, the new face of individuality. Learn how you can become an o-hitorisama right here in the U.S. and be on the cutting edge when you visit Japan. This great episode of Miki’s blog is all about the ladies!

Audio Blog #105 - Japan’s Hidden Beauty

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Learn Japanese with! Miki is blogging again! This time, she talks about Tokyo’s famous Mt. Takao and what you can find there. You’ll find that Mt. Takao is rich with plant and wildlife, but it’s at risk. Because a new road is being built, a tunnel is currently being constructed-right through the middle of the mountain! Learn what Miki has to say about this destruction of nature for the sake of modern convenience. In the process, you’ll learn about parts of Japan you may never have heard of. Miki’s comparison of Japan to England promises to give you plenty to talk about!  

Audio Blog #104 - Where to Find Real Japanese Ninjas!

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Learn Japanese with! It’s time for another awesome episode of Miki’s blog. Have you ever been curious about Japanese ninjas? If you think they are just the stuff of movies, you’re wrong. They are very real, and did you know they could even walk on water? People are still fascinated with ninjas, so you can actually visit old ninja homes and eat at ninja-themed restaurants in Japan. In this episode of Miki’s blog, learn all about the history of Japanese ninjas. Discover where they lived, what they wore and where they are fabled to be today! In addition, learn about the one place in Japan where you can eat a ninja-themed meal and enjoy a theme park at the same time. This blog episode is an interesting history lesson and tour guide in one!