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Lesson Transcript

Peter: Peter here.
さくら: 四字熟語
Peter: Lesson 6. Getting Two Birds and Losing Two Bugs. Sakura san, thank you again for joining us for this lesson of Yojijukugo which is idiomatic phrases based on four kanji character compounds.
さくら: Yes.
Peter: Quite a mouthful.
Peter: So now for those of you unfamiliar with the format, we are going to go over two main phrases, two idiomatic phrases and we are going to kind of delve into the meaning of it.
さくら: Yes.
Peter: Sakura san,

Lesson focus

Peter: Which phrase would you like to cover first?
Peter: To work both ways. Now it’s kind of similar to another phrase.
さくら: Yes.
Peter: Killing
さくら: Two words with one stoneね。一石二鳥
Peter: Which we also have in English.
さくら: Oh yes same.
Peter: Yeah I think this one is in a lot of different languages.
Peter: Two words, one stone. Now it’s kind of similar but there is a little bit of kind of difference. We are going to cover that in a minute but again the phrase was
Peter: To work both ways. Now we are going to take a look at each one of the characters. Again, there is four characters here. So what does the first character mean?
さくら: One.
Peter: And the second one,
さくら: Behavior.
Peter: Third.
さくら: Both.
Peter: And
さくら: Gain.
Peter: So one behavior, both gain.
さくら: Yes.
Peter: One action, you get two things.
さくら: Huh!
Peter: Or you kind of get both things, both benefits. Now inside of these four character compounds, there is also two character compounds. So we are going to take a look at the first two character compound.
Peter: Which means one action. The second, the following two letter compound is
Peter: To gain both. Now this expression actually comes from Sakura san?
さくら: The history book about Chinese dynasty清.
Peter: The 清dynasty.
さくら: 清dynasty.
Peter: And it’s similar to an expression we covered just before. Killing two birds with one stone.
Peter: Now Sakura san, let’s take a look at the usage.
さくら: Okay.
Peter: When can you have two kinds of benefits by doing one action? When can you use this phrase一挙両得
さくら: You can say something, something は一挙両得だ
Peter: Which means to get both benefits from doing that thing. Okay how about a sample sentence?
Peter: This tour is like getting two great things for the price of one because you can enjoy both the mountains and the sea. So the person speaking likes both the mountains and the sea and this tour goes through them both. So,
Peter: And one more. Sakura san, how about your recent change in lifestyle?
さくら: Okay.自転車通勤はダイエットができるし、交通費もかからないので、一挙両得だ
Peter: So biking to work lets you diet and at the same time save money.
Peter: Two great things for the price of one.
さくら: そうLose weightと no chargeね
Peter: It’s free.
さくら: Free.
Peter: And Sakura san really does this.
さくら: Yes I started only yesterdayなんだけど and it’s so hard in Tokyo but it’s good. I think many people are starting this because of the high gasoline prices and environment.
Peter: The environment, that’s right環境にもやさしいですね。
さくら:そう、環境にもやさしい Environment friendlyね
Peter: Yeah and how long is the bike ride?
さくら: 30 minutes.
Peter: Yeah大変ですね
さくら: そんなことないよOnly 30 minutesたったの30分
Peter: Please take care of yourself.
Peter: Now, basically umm this kind of leads into the next phrase because I think you are going to need this to kind of keep going at it but before that, let’s take a look at the opposite. What is the opposite of一挙両得
Peter: Which literally means if you try to catch two rabbits, you won’t even be able to catch one.
さくら: Ah!
Peter: What’s wrong Sakura san?
さくら: My biking I am chasing two thingsね. I must be careful.
Peter: Yes頑張ってください
Peter: But this is a really good expression. Literally the one two chases two rabbits gets none and if you try to do two things at once, it’s not going to work.
さくら: Right.
Peter: I like this one a lot. Story of my life人生をものがたっています. So kind of the story of my life, no rabbits. Okay on to our second phrase.
Peter: Single mindedness, deep concentration which you will need to continue biking to work.
Peter: Every day. Okay so what does the first character mean?
さくら: One.
Peter: The second character
さくら: Mind.
Peter: Third character
さくら: Negative.
Peter: And fourth
さくら: Disorder.
Peter: One mind negative disorder and it means to concentrate single-mindedly on something without being distracted by other things like work or…
さくら: Yes一心不乱にペダルをこぐ
Peter: Single-mindedly pedal.
Peter: You are very brave Sakura san.
Peter: Now, when you are doing something, you are really concentrating much like Sakura san just said, you can say the phrase plusにする. Can we have a sample sentence?
Peter: I studied heart and soul without watching TV. So here, the phrase comes before the verb and the verb and this phrase are separated byに. What else do we have?
Peter: He concentrated single-mindedly on his goal of shooting as in like soccer.
さくら: Yes shooting practice.
Peter: Yeah. So every day he was practicing and practicing. So it’s very easy to visualize Sakura san pedaling now.
さくら: Yes.
Peter: And it is probably easier to visualize if you stop by the site and go to about us, meet the team and there, you can see some pictures of Sakura san to really get a visual idea of the…
Peter: How do you say that Sakura san, game face, it’s like when you are真剣. You know you are serious about something and you are trying really hard. How can we say that like game face?
Peter: So you can picture Sakura san’s真剣な表情.


Peter: Okay for these lessons, the PDF is very, very beneficial. There it has a write up, very detailed explanation, how to use it, what the expression means and there is also some other related expressions we didn’t have time to cover today. So you definitely want to pick up this PDF. Sakura san, thank you again.
さくら: Thank you じゃあみなさん頑張ってくださいね。


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