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Lesson Transcript

Hiroko: Have you ever had trouble finding what you want to eat at a Japanese restaurant? In this lesson, you are going to learn how to ask if they have certain items. When you want to eat a hamburger at a restaurant, you can say ハンバーガーは、ありますか。 (Hanbāgā wa, arimasu ka.) which means, do you have hamburger. Wa is a topic marking particle あります (arimasu) is a verb meaning to be, to exist or to have and ka is a question marking particle. So Aは、ありますか。 (A wa, arimasu ka.) means do you have a or is there a. Let’s take a look at one more example of this sentence structure. If you left a cell phone at home and you are looking for a Payphone, what would you say? The Japanese word for Payphone is 公衆電話 (kōshūdenwa) . So you can say こうしゅうでんわは、ありますか。 (Kōshūdenwa wa, arimasu ka.) which means, is there a Payphone. Now let’s watch a skit to review this lesson.
(at a restaurant)
Shop clerk: いらっしゃいませ。(Irasshaimase.)
Customer: パンケーキはありますか。(Pankēki wa, arimasu ka.)
Shop clerk: はい、あります。
Customer: パンケーキ、ください。 (Pankēki, kudasai.)
Shop clerk:はい、かしこまりました。(Hai, kashikomarimashita.)
Customer: トイレは、ありますか。(Toire wa, arimasu ka.)
Shop clerk: ありません。(Arimasen.)
Customer: え、うそ!(E, uso!)
Hiroko: Did you catch one of my top 5 favorite expressions? It’s うそ! (Uso!) which means you are kidding. Okay here is Hiroko’s hint. In this conversation, the customer says パンケーキ、ください。 (Pankēki, kudasai.) to order a pancake. This ください (kudasai) is a phrase you learned in the previous lesson which means please. So when you order something, you can just say something ください。 (kudasai.) . See you next time.