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Lesson Transcript

Hiroko: What if you get lost and don’t know where to go? In this lesson, you are going to learn how to ask where something in Japanese. To say where something is, you can use the basic sentence structure AはBです。 (A wa B desu.) . For example トイレは、にかいです。 (Toire wa, ni-kai desu.) the restroom is on the second floor. かい (kai) means floor. So what if you want to ask where the restroom is? You can say トイレは、どこですか。 (Toire wa, doko desu ka.) どこ (doko) means where. So you can replace にかい (ni-kai) with どこ (doko) and just add the question mark and particle ka at the end of the sentence. Okay let’s take a look at this skit.
Ushijima: すみません。(Sumimasen.)トイレはどこですか。 (Toire wa, doko desu ka.)
Yuichi: トイレは2階です。(Toire wa, ni-kai desu.)
Ushijima: エスカレーターはどこですか。(Esukarētā wa, doko desu ka.)
Yuichi: あそこです。(Asoko desu.)
Ushijima: ありがとうございます。 (Arigatõ gozaimasu.)
Hiroko: Now it’s time for Hiroko’s hint. If you are going to a restroom in Japan and if the sign is only written in Kanji, this character means women and this character means men. So don’t get confused. See you next time.