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Lesson Transcript

Hiroko: Useful expression 1. How to ask price of something? Do you know how to ask the price of something you want to buy? In this lesson, you learn how to ask and give prices. Take a look at this picture. これは、だいこんです。 (Kore wa, daikon desu.) This is a Japanese Radish. だいこんは、ひゃくごじゅうえんです。 (Daikon wa, hyaku go-jū-en desu.) A Japanese Radish is ¥150. To say how much something is, you can use the basic sentence structure AはBです。 (A wa B desu.) だいこんは百五十円です。 (Daikon wa hyaku go-jū-en desu.) ひゃくごじゅうえん (hyaku go-jū-en) is ¥150 円 (en) is Japanese yen. So you should add えん (en) to the number when you are talking about money. If you want to ask if the Radish is ¥150 you can say だいこんは百五十円ですか。 (Daikon wa hyaku go-jū-en desu ka.) You can just add ka at the end of the sentence to make it a question. So what if you don’t know what the price is? だいこんは、いくらですか。 (Daikon wa, ikura desu ka.) いくら (ikura) means how much. So you can replace ¥150 with いくら (ikura) So it will be だいこんは、いくらですか。 (Daikonha, ikura desu ka.) . Now let’s look at this conversation at a supermarket.
Store clerk: いらっしゃいませ。 (Irasshaimase.)
Customer: それはレタスですか。(Sore wa, retasu desu ka.)
Store clerk: キャベツです。(Kyabetsu desu.)
Customer: キャベツはいくらですか。(Kyabetsu wa, ikura desu ka.)
Store clerk: 100円です。(Hyaku-en desu.)
Hiroko: Now it’s time for Hiroko’s hint. To ask the price of something you want to buy in a casual manner, you can point to it and say これ、いくら? (Kore, ikura?) これ、いくら? (Kore, ikura?) See you next time.