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Lesson Transcript

How to tell time. Can you answer the question what time is it in Japanese? In this lesson, you are going to learn how to tell time in Japanese. What time is it? いちじ。 (ichi-ji.) 1 o’ clock. Now, what time is it? にじ。 (ni-ji.) 2 o’ clock. Now can you figure out the rule? You just add じ (ji) to the number to tell the hour. Let’s look at the rest of the hours through じゅうにじ。 (jū ni-ji.) さんじ。 (san-ji.) よじ。 (yo-ji.) Please note that よじ (yo-ji) is not よんじ (yon-ji) ごじ。 (go-ji.) ろくじ。 (roku-ji.) しちじ。 (shichi-ji.) はちじ。 (hachi-ji.) くじ。 (ku-ji) 9 o’ clock also has the special pronunciation. It’s not きゅうじ (kyū-ji) it’s くじ (ku-ji) じゅうじ。 (jū-ji.) じゅういちじ。 (jū ichi-ji.) じゅうにじ。 (jū ni-ji.) let’s learn how to say minutes also. What time is it? いちじごふん。 (ichi-ji go-fun.) five past one. Now what time is it? いちじじゅうごふん。 (ichi-ji jū go-fun.) 1:15. Did you catch what I said after いちじ? (ichi-ji?) I said ごふん。 (go-fun.) and じゅうごふん。 (jū go-fun.) So to say minutes, just add ふん (fun) to the numbers. However after certain numbers, ふん (fun) changes to ぷん (pun) . Repeat after me. いっぷん。にふん。さんぷん。よんふん。ごふん。ろっぷん。ななふん。はっぷん。きゅうふん。じゅっぷん。 (I-ppun. Ni-fun. San-pun. Yon-fun. Go-fun. Ro-ppun. Nana-fun. Happun. Kyū-fun. Ju-ppun.) じゅうごふん。 (jū go-fun.) さんじゅっぷん。 (san-ju-ppun.) よんじゅうごふん。 (yon-jū go-fun.) Please be careful about the pronunciation of いっぷん、さんぷん、よんぷん、ろっぷん、はっぷん。 (i-ppun, san-pun, yon-pun, ro-ppun, ha-ppun.) じゅっぷん。 (ju-ppun.) and さんじゅっぷん。 (san-ju-ppun.) . Okay let’s practice. What time is it? さんじ。 (san-ji.) くじさんじゅっぷん。 (ku-ji san-ju-ppun.) にじよんじゅうごふん。 (ni-ji yon-jū go-fun.) Now it’s time for Hiroko’s hint. When we want to say half past, we usually use はん。 (han.) さんじはん。 (san-ji han.) ごじはん。 (go-ji han.) In the next lesson, we are going to learn months, days and days of the week. See you next time.