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Lesson Transcript

Hiroko’s top 3 casual Japanese Expressions.
In this lesson,you are going to learn three common expressions that will wow your Japanese friends. They are super easy and it will take less than 3 minutes.
Okay let’s hear the phrases. First うそ! (Uso!) No way. Next we have かわいー! (Kawaī!) that’s so cute. And we have すごい! (Sugoi!) wow Phew! (Phew!) う、そ (u, so) うそ! (Uso!) うそ! (Uso!) means a lie but it can be also used as an interjection to mean you are kidding or no way.
So when I am really surprised at what I heard from someone or I think that’s unbelievable, I would often say うそ! (Uso!) as an expression of surprise.
かわいー! (Kawaī!) that’s so cute. か、わ、い、い (ka, wa, i, i) かわいー! (Kawaī!) かわいー (kawaī) is an adjective meaning cute.
When I find something so cute, I say かわい-! (Kawaī!) . If you make the last E sound a little bit longer, you can express how impressed you are.
Finally we have すごい! (Sugoi!) wow or amazing. す、ご、い (su, go, i) すごい! (Sugoi!) すごい (sugoi) is an adjective meaning terrific or amazing.
This adjective can be used as a single word to express how impressed you are to see something.
Okay let’s recap. First we have うそ! (Uso!) no way or you are kidding. Next we have かわいー! (Kawaī!) that’s so cute and we have すごい! (Sugoi!) that’s amazing, wow.
Now let’s practice. So I am looking for my wallet and I can’t find it うそ! (Uso!) . Now I am at shopping and I find a cute jacket かわいー! (Kawaī!) Now I find the jacket is on sale すごい! (Sugoi!)