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Lesson Transcript

Wouldn’t you say manners when eating are very important everywhere you go? In this lesson, you are going to learn the phrase said before and after you eat いただきます。 (Itadakimasu.) and ごちそうさま。 (gochisōsama) and some other useful phrases.
いただきます。 (Itadakimasu.) is a phrase said before a meal. There is no direct translation for this in English but this is used to express gratitude for the food. ごちそうさま。 (Gochisōsama) is the phrase said after a meal which means thank you for the food. When you want to say ごちそうさま。 (Gochisōsama) in a more polite way, you can say ごちそうさまでした。 (Gochisōsama deshita.)
Here is another phrase. When you like the food that you are eating, you can say おいしい (oishii) which means it’s delicious.
Now let’s practice いただきます。 (Itadakimasu.) おいしい! (Oishii!) ごちそうさま。 (Gochisōsama)
Now it’s time for Hiroko’s hint. Do you know what to say before drinking at a party? You can say かんぱい。 (Kanpai.) which means cheers. かんぱい! (Kanpai!) See you next time.