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Lesson Transcript

Remember in our previous lesson, we learned こんにちは。 (Konnichiwa) is a general greeting meaning hi or hello. In this lesson, we are going to learn more general greetings おはようございます。 (Ohayō gozaimasu.) こんばんは。 (Konbanwa..) and おやすみなさい。
(Oyasuminasai.) おはよう。 (ohayō.) means good morning and おはようございます。 (Ohayō gozaimasu.) is a more polite way to say it because ございます (gozaimasu) increases the politeness level of the phrase. As we learned, こんにちは。 (Konnichiwa.) is a general greeting that means hi or hello but it can also mean good afternoon. こんばんは、 (Konbanwa.) means good evening and usually people use it after sunset. おやすみなさい。 (Oyasuminasai.) is usually used before going to bed. This phrase comes from the verb やすむ。 (yasumu.) which means to take rest or to go to bed. お(o) is a prefix used to make a phrase polite. So this literally means please go to bed in a polite way.
So now, you learned all the basic greetings to use throughout the day. Let’s practice. おはようございます。 (Ohayō gozaimasu.) こんにちは。 (Konnichiwa.) こんばんは。 (Konbanwa.) おやすみなさい。 (Oyasuminasai.)
Now it’s time for Hiroko’s hint. When you want to say おはようございます。 (Ohayō gozaimasu.) or おやすみなさい。 (Oyasuminasai.) to your friends or family, you can say おはよう。 (Ohayō.) or おやすみ。 (Oyasumi.)