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Lesson Transcript

Hello, and welcome back to JapanesePod101.com.
I’m Eric.
In this lesson we will talk about the ​"Top 5 souvenir shops in Japan".
The first topic on the list is Japan’s largest
chain of 100-yen stores, called (J: Daiso).
These stores stock almost everything from household items to travel goods and even traditional craft items for 100 yen plus tax.
You can seriously spend a couple of hours
wandering around the store and find plenty of
quality gifts such as traditional Japanese toys,
bento boxes, and green tea (J: matcha) sweets.
If you want to get interesting Japanese products
at reasonable prices, this is the place, and you
won’t be disappointed.
The next topic on the list is a discount store
franchise called (J: Don Quijote).
Known also as (J: Donki) for short, this store’s
shelves are crammed with cheap goods from
cosmetics and party items, to popular anime figures.
Donki also has some electrical and home
appliances, so try to pop into one of their stores before heading to the electronic stores, because you may be able to score some real bargains.
The next topic is about a popular DIY or do-it-yourself store called (J: Tokyu Hands).
This is the one-stop shop where you can find a wide
range of craft and party supplies as well as
luggage, homewares, and other “lifestyle”
Tokyu Hands is not a discount store but they have
quality and functional products. So if you are
willing to pay a little more for something that
will last longer, this is the place for you.
Tokyu Hands is also known to detect new, and up-and- coming trends very quickly. If you are looking for something cool, don’t miss this store!
The next topic is a well-known casual
fashion brand called (J: Uniqlo).
The brand is known to offer inexpensive and simple
clothes. But it also has been expanding its
lineup of stylish items in collaboration with
big-name designers in the world.
Uniqlo also offers products that feature funky
cartoon and pop culture graphics, as well as
Japanese cultural images including Kabuki and
Mount Fuji, in a very cool way.
If it is clothes you are looking for, then don’t forget
to check them out.
Last but not least is a five-story toy
mecca in Harajuku, called (J: Kiddy Lando).
Kiddy Land mainly sells toys and books. But in this
store, you can also find everything “cute” or
(J: “kawaii”), from Hello Kitty to Disney character
The store also offers many inexpensive and small
items such as stationery, socks with funny
prints, and sweets in cute packages which would make great souvenirs.
If you are an anime-lover, then this store is for you, you can find a huge selection of
Japanese Anime action figures including
Gundam models.
That’s all we have for this lesson.
Choosing souvenirs can be difficult but fun.
What kind of souvenirs are you planning to buy in Japan?
Leave us a comment and let us know!
Thanks for listening and we’ll see you next time. Until then, bye!


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