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Lesson Transcript

In today’s lesson, we will cover some phrases that will help you enhance your language learning while in Japan. We will cover, can you say it again? So you can beef up your listening comprehension skills and please speak slowly. So you can keep trying patiently. Like with any other language, the more you listen to Japanese, the more you will pick up. So take advantage of your access to native Japanese speakers while you are here. The first phrase, Can you say it again? Is Mō ichi-do itte kudasai. Mō ichi-do itte kudasai. Now let’s break it down by syllable Mo-u-i-chi-do-i-tte-ku-da-sa-i. Mō ichi-do itte kudasai. Now let’s look at it word by word.
The first word Mō ichi-do means once again, Mō ichi-do. Mō ichi-do this is followed by itte which is a form of iu the verb to say itte, itte and the last word kudasai which some of you are probably familiar with means please ku-da-sa-i. Kudasai. So altogether we have Mō ichi-do itte kudasai. Literally this means again say please or please say it again. Now if someone just keeps repeating the same sentence at lightning speed, you may want to ask that person to slowdown but you want to ask it a little bit more politely. In Japanese, please speak slowly is Yukkuri hanashite kudasai. Yu-kku-ri-ha-na-shi-te-ku-da-sa-i. Yukkuri hanashite kudasai. The first word yukkuri means slowly yukkuri, yukkuri. This is followed by hanashite which is a conjugated form of the root verb hanasu which means to speak ha-na-shi-te, hanashite and the last word is our favorite kudasai which means please ku-da-sa-i, kudasai.
So altogether we have Yukkuri hanashite kudasai. Literally this means slowly speak or please speak slowly. For Sachiko Secret, we will give you another quick and dirty way of getting through today’s phrases. Now obviously it’s much more polite to say the entire sentence we covered today but if it’s a bit too long to remember, you can get away with just the first half of the sentences. Mō ichi-do which is literally just once again is enough to say can you say it again Mō ichi-do, mō ichi-do and you can simply say yukkuri which means slowly yukkuri, yukkuri but because these phrases alone might sound a little bit abrupt and it might come off as rude, you may want to bow your head a little as you say it because that’s a gesture of respect in Japan or maybe even add the English word please at the end Mō ichi-do please Mō ichi-do please. You know, they will know that you are trying to be polite or you can try yukkuri please.
I know it’s not even the same language but it still comes off as very, very polite and that’s kind of important in Japan. Now most Japanese people will know the English word please. So there is nothing to worry about here. Okay so to close our today’s lesson, let’s practice what you’ve just learned. I will give you the English equivalent of the phrase and you are responsible for shouting it out loud in Japanese. You got that? I will give you a few seconds before I give you the answer. So good luck Ganbatte kudasai. please say it again. Mō ichi-do itte kudasai. Mo-u-i-chi-do-i-tte-ku-da-sa-i. Mō ichi-do itte kudasai. speak slowly please. Yukkuri hanashite kudasai. Yukkuri hanashite kudasai. and from Sachiko Secret, the quick and dirty once again mō ichi-do, mō ichi-do, mō ichi-do. and the quick and dirty way of saying slowly yukkuri, yukkuri, yukkuri.
All right. That’s going to do it for today. See you later which in Japanese is Matane.


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