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Lesson Transcript

Today’s phrase will help you take matters into your own hands. Today’s phrase is Kudasai. as in asking for something or someone to do something for you. In Japanese, please is Kudasai. Ku-da-sa-i. broken down by syllable, it’s Ku-da-sa-i.
Altogether now Kudasai. The most rudimentary way of using this phrase is pointing at something while saying it but let’s try and build this up a bit, shall we? Let’s start with the expression this please which in Japanese is Kore kudasai. Now let’s take a look at the word order. In English, this comes before please. In Japanese, it’s the same. In Japanese, this Kore precedes please Kudasai. So together it’s Kore kudasai. Ko-re-ku-da-sa-i. Kore kudasai. Looking at this warrants a look at that which is Sore So-re in Japanese. Broken down by syllable, it’s So-re; together, Sore. So the expression for that please in Japanese would be Sore kudasai. Sore kudasai. So-re-ku-da-sa-i. Sore kudasai.
Now that I have covered, I’d like to introduce a part of the course that’s called Sachiko secret. Today’s secret is that in Japan, most menus actually come with the picture of what’s being offered, be it a glass of beer, a plate of pasta. They all come with pictures. So all you have to do is point at the picture and say Kudasai. If you can be a little bit more adventurous, you can say, Kore kudasai. which is this please. Do you think you can give that a shot? Let me give you another Sachiko secret. I actually point to menus myself. It’s so tempting. It looks so good, the food, the beverages. It’s just so – I can’t resist myself. I just point to it as if I just want to grab it out of the menu.
Now that I’ve given you a Sachiko secret, promise me you will try it out. Okay, so to close today's lesson, let’s practice what you’ve just learned. I will give you the English equivalent of the phrase and you are responsible for shouting it out loud in Japanese. You got that. I will give you a few seconds before I give you the answer. So good luck Ganbatte kudasai. Word #1, please Kudasai. Ku-da-sa-i. Kudasai, Next, this please Kore kudasai. Ko-re-ku-da-sa-i. Kore kudasai, next, that please. I can’t hear you. What’s that? Yes, Sore kudasai. So-re-ku-da-sa-i. Sore kudasai. All right. That’s going to do it for today. See you later, which in Japanese is Matane.


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